Tripp Lite’s SU80K(80kVA) SmartOnline Modular 3-Phase Intelligent, True On-Line UPS System provides 100% system availability with N+1 modular architecture and 1+1 parallel capability. In an N+1 configuration, the SU80K features four self-contained, redundant 20kVA power modules that can be hot-swapped(with the load powered) if maintenance is required. Connect two SU80K models in parallel(1+1 configuration) to provide fail-safe redundancy(two 80kVA models supporting a 80kVA load) or to increase capacity(two 80kVA models supporting a 160kVA load).

System Features & Benefits

  • 80,000 VA (80kVA) tower UPS with 4 hot-swappable power modules
  • N+1 redundant modular architecture helps ensure 100% availability
  • 1+1 parallel capability allows for system redundancy or increased capacity
  • Low THDi saves installation costs by allowing 1:1 generator sizing
  • 3-phase hardwire (120/208V AC) input/output with wide input voltage correction range (94-150V AC / 163-260V AC)
  • On-line, double-conversion operation with zero transfer time; IGBT technology; highly efficient operation (up to 96%)
  • Expandable runtime with external battery cabinet options