The Canara Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) System is an affordable solution that is designed for ease of installation, accuracy of data collection, timely reporting of anomalies and intuitive presentation of electrical usage history. Whatever your need in granular per-circuit monitoring, the Canara BCM meets you where you are. Canara’s BCM System delivers precise, intelligent analysis of circuit-level electrical usage, while enhancing visibility into the power infrastructure, enabling load-based cost allocation, and improving capacity planning. Leveraging the interoperability provided by the Canara Manager, the system provides integration via SNMP or Modbus into any Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or Building Management System (BMS) software package. When combined with the Canara Monitoring Operations Center, this solution utilizes hosted monitoring services that deliver regular updates on overall system health and circuit level power trends.


  • Detect imminent circuit-level threshold violations early
  • Prevent tripped circuits
  • Mitigate risk of downtime as a result of over-current scenarios
  • Identify phase or load imbalance at the panel level
  • Allow for the reclamation of stranded power
  • Enable usage-based billing
  • Add load safely and preemptively identify need for additional capacity by tenant
  • Provide clients with automatic or online capacity reports

Product Information