LayerZero Power Systems designs and manufactures Web-Enabled Power Distribution Units (ePODs), which provide uninterrupted three-phase electrical power and circuit breaker protection in mission-critical power distribution systems. In a typical data center installation, a cabinet PDU will feed electrical power to Power Panels in an effort to obtain a more comprehensive view of the power quality. ePODs can be either standalone cabinets, or integrated with Static Transfer Switches and UPS Systems for applications that utilize redundant power.

LayerZero ePODs are cabinet PDUs containing Static Transfer Switches with optional transformers and power distribution. Distribution systems with switches (eSTS) are referred to as ePODs, and utilize either the 1200 A or 400 A SafePanel™ Panel Board. In data center applications, ePODs Power Distribution Units typically install into Power Panels (ePODs), providing Selective Trip Coordination and Circuit Protection to mission-critical loads. The basic components of a PDU are main breaker(s), panel boards, guided wireways, a control panel, and a web-server.

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