LayerZero Power Systems designs and manufactures Web-Enabled Static Transfer Switches (eSTS) from sizes ranging from 150 Amps to 4000 Amps. LayerZero Static Transfer Switches are the most robust, reliable, and technologically-advanced Static Transfer systems available, integrating Triple Modular Redundancy, Power Quality Monitoring, Remote Connectivity, Dynamic Phase Compensation, in a convection-cooled, safe-to-maintain design.

Providing an automatic and seamless transfer of the critical load, LayerZero Static Transfer Switches keep the power in critical data processing operations always-on. The eSTS Static Transfer Switch transfers power between two or three sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle, maintaining continuity for the critical load from lapses that may be as short as a few electrical cycles long. eSTS protects data centers, mission critical applications, and even entire buildings.

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