The Full Featured Surge Stryker Family is a high performance surge protector designed for critical panel locations. The SPD incorporates high-energy MOVs with the best performing AC filter on the market to provide protection against transients originating from induced lightning strikes, utility switching and facility power noise.

Real-time diagnostics include LED fault indicators for each phase, as well as an optional alarm that includes red LED, dual Form C dry contacts for remote indication and an audible alarm, so you always know the Surge Stryker Protector is at full capacity. Housed in a rugged NEMA 12/4X enclosure, these devices are suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor applications. The ACT 455 Family is available for all voltages and configurations up to 480Vac.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 050, 080, 100, 160, 200, 300 kA per modes
  • All modes of protection
  • 200 kAIC Fault Current Rating
  • Advanced EMI/RFI Noise Filtering (-45dB) 3kHz – 1MHz
  • 5-Year warranty (10-year optional)
  • 3rd Party Tested – 15,000 (C3 20 kV/10 kA)
  • Optional 30amp fuse allows direct connect to power bus

Product Information